Den Jag Var

2011, computer, infrared camera, infrared illuminator, projector, projection screen.
Den Jag Var creates a visual echo of a performer as they move in front of a projection screen.

The work separates the visitor from their shadow, allowing the visitor to see their movements temporally shifted, inviting experimentation and movement.

A secondary experience is also created, that of watching the visitor experiment with their shadow, turning the participant into performer.

Using the unique affordances of infrared cameras, the display can be simultaneously filmed and projected upon. This affordance drives many interactive installations, yet often the input of the human is translated to a simulated digital response, rather than echoed as it is captured.

Photos © William Fate:
This project was initiated as a collaboration with Jamin Pirna (sound) and Ofelia Jarl Ortega (dance).
Inspired by the Marginalia project. Some performances have used a modified version of James Georges's ofxSlitScan