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Jonathan Chomko (born 1988) is an artist, technologist and writer.

Chomko was born in Georgina, Ontario. As a child he created small sculptures from found objects, and wanted to be ‘a person’ when he grew up. He spent his teenage years lurking on forums, and exploring the music libraries of strangers via limewire.

Chomko studied in Sweden, studying Swedish for University Studies in 2008 at Gothenburg University, and graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Interaction Design from Malmo University in 2012.

In 2013 Chomko was accepted to Fabrica, a year-long residency program in Veneto, Italy. During the residency Chomko created a series of interactive installations and explorations, notably the News Machine, which sent tweets through a rube-goldberg-esque series of machine translations. The News Machine was first presented at the Perugia Journalism Festival, and was later shown at the Sydney Opera House as part of the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

After Fabrica, Chomko worked as a creative technologist at the Brooklyn Guild, a fabrication shop based in Gowanus. At the Guild, Chomko designed and implemented installations for Nike, Tiffany & Co, and Bell Labs.

While working at Guild, Chomko won the 2014 Playable City Award. The proposal, created in collaboration with Matthew Rosier, became Shadowing and was installed across eight locations in Bristol in the fall of 2014.

In 2015, Shadowing was nominated by the London Design Museum as a Design of the Year.
This nomination lead to a series of commissions from cultural instutions in the UK such as Historic Royal Palaces and the UK Space Agency, which lead Chomko and Rosier to formalise their collaboration as a shared studio in London.  

In 2017, Chomko moved to Montreal to focus on independent practice. His practice focuses on themes of agency, collectivity and materiality, and manifests as printed objects, delegated performance, installations and websites. His work has been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts de Montreal, and is held in private collections in Canada, the UK and Japan.

Short Bio
Jonathan Chomko (b. 1988, Canada) is an artist working with and against technology. His works examine the seam between physical and digital worlds, exploring how digital forces translate into and act upon the physical world, and how physical phenomena and expression are modulated as they enter the digital. 

Chomko’s work has been exhibited at institutions such as the Museum of 21st Century Arts (Italy, 2013), Sydney Opera House (Australia, 2014), Media Ambition Tokyo (Japan, 2016), and London Design Museum (UK, 2015), Cube Design Museum (Netherlands, 2020) and Theatre du Chatelet (France, 2020).  His public work has been shown in Bristol (UK, 2014), London (UK 2016), Tokyo (Japan 2016), Austin (USA 2019), and Paris (France, 2020). His work is held in public and private collections in the UK, Canada and Japan.