News Machine

2013, computer, cell phones, loudspeaker, tape recorder, crt monitor, video camera, antenna, radio, microphone, thermal printer, lighting stands, custom brackets, photo backdrop.
The News Machine sends a user-contributed tweet through a cycle of machine-to-machine translations, echoing how meaning and message can shift as stories travel through the twenty-four hour news cycle.

The installation is activated by a participant tweeting to the News Machine's twitter account; and the text of the tweet is then read out loud via a text to speech program through a megaphone. A tape recorder in front of the megaphone records this emission, and translates the audio to text using speech to text software.

The resulting text is then displayed on the monitor. A video camera opposite captures an image of the monitor, and processes this image using optical character recognition to extract text. This text is then read out loud by the speech to text program via a radio, and is recorded via by the public address microphone, and translated again into text via the speech to text system.

This final result is then printed out alongside the original message for the visitor to take with them. A log of the responses is also available on twitter @ColorsMachine

Created for Colors Magazine edition #86, 'Making the News'
Cover Concept Felipe Rocha
Production Mauro Bedoni