Sept 19 2022
Colour Time Verse

I’ve been developing two new Colour Time works for an upcoming show with Verse in London.

Colour Time Sync is a 20-minute-long colour animation, which uses clock time to synchronize the work for all viewers, allowing both the viewers in the gallery and online to inhabit the same temporal frame. 

Colour Time Generative is derived from the same colour data as Colour Time Sync. Instead of animating through time, Generative draws this timeline as a gradient. The horizontal width of this gradient is infinitely variable; as pieces are minted, the gradient expands. Each buyer owns a section of a continuum, which is constantly shifting until the sale closes. 

Below are some outputs from the Generative system, which will on display in the gallery. The numbers in the titles indicate the token ID and hypothetical collection size. 

In a standard generative release, the decisive moment occurs during minting, a quick roll of the dice determining the output. In Colour Time Generative the seed of randomness is the market as a collective force, turning not just the minter but also the market into co-creators of the work.

The output of a generative work derives value from its relation to the larger generative series - rarity and aesthetics are judged of an individual work are evaluated in relation to the collection as a whole.