June 2023
Proof of Work Red Blue Center at OFFICE IMPART

Read the introductionabout how the series relates to my practice, visit the project site, and follow production on twitter

Attend the opening Saturday June 10 from 5 to 8pm at OFFICE IMPART
9am PDT, 12pm EST, 6pm CET on proofofwork.jonathanchomko.com

May 2023
Feb 2023

Sept 2022 
Colour Time Verse Live 

Colour Time Sync and Colour Time Generative with Verse

Aug 2022   
Shadowing V2 Doncaster UK 

New semi-permanent version of Shadowing installed for 1 year in Doncaster, UK

April 2022
Colour Time

Twelve on-chain animated SVGs created during a motorcycle trip from Montreal to Los Angeles. 

View in fullscreen: https://colourtime.jonathanchomko.com

Mar 2022

Dec 2020
Shadowing Southwark (at Tate Modern), London UK

Jan 2021
www.grindruberairbnb.exposed (video), Networked Bodies, supernormal.space, Singapore

Relative Clocks installed at We The Curious, Bristol (UK) until 2028.

Sept 2020   
Colour Calendar

50 screen-printed books of colour to hang on the wall and change whenever you like

Nov 2019
Shadowing, Theatre du Chatelet, Paris (FR)

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